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Svarthöna Chicks

Svarthöna Chicks

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Known as: Svarthöna, Svart Hona, or Swedish Black Hens.  

Svarthöna are very rare and very beautiful chickens that have black pigmenting (called fibromelanism) throughout their entire body including their meat and their internal organs.  

They are NOT the pure deep black on the inside that photos on the internet may have you believe - it is more of a dark gray.  However, they also are not a meaty bird and are not primarily raised for meat production.   

Svarthöna are relatively small, lay lots of eggs with tan / brown colored shells, and are moderately quiet.  They don't eat much and will lay roughly 200-250 medium sized eggs per year.

We love them because they are stunningly beautiful, predator aware, highly fertile (1 rooster to 10+ hens) and don't eat that much compared to what they produce.  They are an excellent addition to a homestead that wants eggs and a unique income stream from hatching eggs and chicks.  

Their fibromelanistic skin is a dominant trait, so there are numerous opportunities to cross them with other breeds to create black / blue / and purple skinned hybrids.  Check out our Swedish Blues, and stay tuned for white-feathered, black-skinned, "Zombie Chickens."  


Shipping and Ordering Details:

-Only shipped within the Lower 48 US states, although we will consider other locations if you contact us directly.  We live within 100 miles of the Canadian border and will consider importing if there is sufficient interest and if the authorities don't make it too challenging.

-The date you select as your "style" of chick is the date on which your chicks will SHIP.  Depending on where you live they will typically arrive for you to PICK UP at your local post office 1 to 3 days later.  

-Minimum order of 6 for the sake of the chicks staying warm on the journey.  We will include heat pads in most orders for most of the year, but there still need to be several chicks in a box to keep each other warm enough during shipping. 

-All chicks are vaccinated for Marek's Disease at hatch unless you specifically request otherwise in your order notes.  

-Chicks will be shipped "to" your home address, but will be held for pickup at your local post office.  They will not send them out on the local delivery truck.  You must give us a good phone number for the person who will be picking them up so that the post office can call as soon as they are available for pickup.  

-We take great care in packaging our chicks so that they do not have problems during shipping, but we cannot control how the post office treats them.  The vast majority of shipments arrive with all chicks alive and well.  We will, at our discretion, replace or refund any chicks that die within 24 hours of you picking them up at the post office.  You will need to take a photo and send it to us as soon as you notice the loss.  

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