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Olandsk Dwarf Chicks

Olandsk Dwarf Chicks

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The cutest little chicken on the planet.  To put it simply... these are our favorite. 

A true dwarf chicken with no larger counterpart which comes from in island off of the coast of Sweden.  They are extremely rare, and we'd like to change that.

They are exceptionally friendly, lay a good amount of eggs, can live in tiny spaces, eat very little food, and are pretty quiet. An excellent choice if you don't have a lot of space, but want a lot of personality and beauty.  

They start laying at around only 4 months old, and lay up to 250 cream-colored eggs per year. 

The roosters are very kind - even with each other.  It is possible to keep as many roosters as hens without serious drama and without the hens getting beat up.  For whatever reason they just aren't that hard on each other, and also integrate easily into flocks of larger breeds.  This isn't to say they won't ever fight, but they are much easier on each other than most roosters.  

You could literally keep several of these chickens in a coop with the square footage of a single sheet of plywood, or in a skinny coop / run in-between a sidewalk and the side of a house.  They would LOVE to have more space, but they can do it without seeming stressed or bored.  

The rooster's crow is relatively quiet, and they don't crow all that frequently, but it is certainly not silent, and can be a bit high pitched.  They are still a much better choice for a neighborhood than most roosters... but if your neighbors are especially sensitive, observant, or extremely close, it could still be an issue.

Minimum order of 6 for Olandsk chicks. 


Shipping and Ordering Details:

-Only shipped within the Lower 48 US states, although we will consider other locations if you contact us directly.  We live within 100 miles of the Canadian border and will consider importing if there is sufficient interest and if the authorities don't make it too challenging.

-The date you select as your "style" of chick is the date on which your chicks will SHIP.  Depending on where you live they will typically arrive for you to PICK UP at your local post office 1 to 3 days later.  

-Minimum order of 10 Olandsk for the sake of the chicks staying warm on the journey.  We will include heat pads in most orders for most of the year, but there still need to be several chicks in a box to keep each other warm enough during shipping. 

-All chicks are vaccinated for Marek's Disease at hatch unless you specifically request otherwise in your order notes.  

-Chicks will be shipped "to" your home address, but will be held for pickup at your local post office.  They will not send them out on the local delivery truck.  You must give us a good phone number for the person who will be picking them up so that the post office can call as soon as they are available for pickup.  

-We take great care in packaging our chicks so that they do not have problems during shipping, but we cannot control how the post office treats them.  The vast majority of shipments arrive with all chicks alive and well.  We will, at our discretion, replace or refund any chicks that die within 24 hours of you picking them up at the post office.  You will need to take a photo and send it to us as soon as you notice the loss.  


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